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This is a small utility to batch rename pictures by date sorted names based on Exif date information or by file's date and with an additional thumbnailviewer.
It's primarily the result of playing with MUI Royale.
As of yet this is a very simple tool - in future more functions may be added.

Don't hesitate to contact me for further information!


Table of Content

Welcome - a brief introduction about the program

License - terms of use

Requirements - what is needed to run this program?

Installation - installation of the program

Usage - how to use the programm

Download - get your copy here

FAQ - frequently asked questions

History - history and future develoment


You know the problem you have many pictures from you camera, your mobile, or whatever and they all have these not too intuitive names. You need to rename it. For photos a usual sorting parameter is the picture's date. Unfortunately the file's date may not be the original date of origin. But digital cameras add some information to the picture itself into the Exif data block. Exutil comes to play here: it is a small utility that batch renames pictures by date sorted names based on Exif date information or - optionally and as fall back - by file's date.
You can rename pictures with a common name (default is Pic_) leading or following the actual date information plus a counter for every calendar day (counteris limited to three digits). Additionally and optionally the Exif date and time gets written to the file note of each file in case an Exif data structure has been found. It's also possible to not use date information at all, but bluntly rename selected files to some common name + counter number (limited to three digits).
As the program conserves the filename extension for renaming you can use Exutil to batch rename other files than pictures, too. Obviously no Exif information can get used then. As of current development state there's a global file counter for all files of one day with a common name part. I.e. You rename e.g. a 10 .jpg files and then also two .mp3 of the same day the .mp3 file enumeration doesn't start at 1 again, but at 11.
This program is mainly the result of a programming exercise and in future more functions may be added and/or changed.


This software is freeware. You may use it on your own risk. You are free to copy and distribute the archive. When distributing and/or spreading the program you must not:

  • charge money
  • modify the archive
  • Requirements

    This software is written using the language "Hollywood" and uses the MUI Royale plugin. Installation of the MUI Royale plug in is mandatory to run this program. If you haven't installed this plug in already download it from www.hollywood-mal.com/download/MUIRoyale.lha and install it to your system.

    Exutil is available for systems providing a proper MUI/Zune environement:

  • MorphOS (any version will do, ppc binary) >> Download
  • AmigaOS (minimum V3.0, 68k) >> Download
  • OS4 (ppc binary) >> Download
  • AROS (x86) >> Download
  • Installation

    Once you've downloaded the archive for your operating system, unpack the archive and copy the content to any destination you like. There is no special installation process required


    Just doubleclick the icon named "Exutil" to launch the program. You will see a little MUI window - similar to the screen shot below.

    Exutil after renaming 24 files to the name pattern London_ using the date retrieved from Exif information for the new file name and showing the thumbnail of the current file

    The window consists of four areas. On top there's the output region where the program provides some information. New information gets added at the top.
    Below there are six checkboxes and a slider. Set the top left checkmark to use Exif information (if found) to rename files. If checkmark is not set or no Exif information is found the file's date will be used.

    The second top left checkmark determines whether time information should be part of the new file name.

    With the second low left checkmark you determine whether time information shall be part of the new file name.
    Note: If selected existing file notes get overwritten.

    The lower left checkmark determines if a file information containing the the Exif date and time information and old file name should get added to the file.

    If the upper right checkmark is set no date information is used at all. Batch rename files just to your entered common name.

    The lower right checkmark determines if thumbnails of the renamed fles should get shown during the process.

    Woth the slider a delay between showing thumbnails can get set.

    Next comes a progress bar that shows the progress of the renaming process.

    Below there's a string input. Type in your desired common name part and press enter afterwards to actually use that name part for renaming the files.

    The button Rename opens a file requester where you select your files or a drawer that should get renamed.

    The button Stop stops a running renaming or thumbnail process.

    The Thumbnail button opens a file requester where you select files or drawer to show thumbnails from.

    If an update of Exutilis available the rightmost button gets activated and clicking it will guide you to the download page for a new version.


    Grab your copy from here:

    MorphOS binary (ppc) - V0.6 - Download
    Amiga binary (68k) - V0.6 - Download
    OS4 binary (ppc) - V0.6 - Download
    AROS binary (x86) - V0.6 - Download

    The archives are packed with lha.


    It's pretty limited in what is does - isn't it?
    Yes. It definitely is. It's just the result of a first real playing with Hollywood's MUI Royale plugin.

    Binary size of more than 2MB for such a small tool..?
    The file size is indeed big for the offered functions. But that's because it's a Hollywood program which includes the Hollywood runtime environment. The same program written in C would probably be about 100K or so, but Hollywood is easy to progam with.

    Wow - the programm somehow messed up my files
    Oops. While such a behaviour never occured during testing I cannot exclude some misbehaviour and cannot warrant anything. Use on own risk.      ;-)


    V0.6 released on 12-Feb-2016
    - new: fast thumbnail viewer included
    - new: stop button (stop a running operation)
    - new: renaming w/o date retrieving function
    - new: file note includes old file name now
    - some minor changes in usability
    - fixed: progressbar now working within directories

    V0.5 released on 17-Jan-2016
    - new: common file name part can get placed after date & time information now
    - new: progress bar
    - changed: file notes are optionally now
    - changed: text output always at top row now

    V0.4 released on 09-Nov-2015
    - new: original file name extension gets conserved
    - all kind of files can get renamed now
    - new: file time optionally part of the new name
    - new: content of entire drawers can get renamed

    V0.3 released on 01-Nov-2015
    - initial release



    Document history:

    01-11-2015 Documentation started

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