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EN: PerCIMan is a program to collect and manage contact and other information about persons.
DE: PerCIManPerCIMan ist ein Programm um Kontakt- und andere Informaion zu Personen zu sammeln und zu verwalten.


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This is a program to collect and manage contact and other information about persons. It offers information to a person's addresses (private, job, etc.), phone, email and web/social media contact, birthday, picture file. Persons can get marked as friends, relatives, business contacts, almuni, etc.. It's possible to filter the list according to these flags.
There is a birthday reminder included (lists all next birthdays and alarms 10 days in advance). There is also a log file for each person to add information on a particular date (e.g.: "23.08.2014 married" or "15.04.2010 Master of Science in Physics" or such) , as well as a free text field for notes of whatever content.
You can add as many persons to a data set as you like and you can create as many data sets as you like. For all people within a data set you can do some networking - who knows whom and in which relation (e.g. friend, relative, business contact, unknown, etc.). Note: In versions below 1.x not all features are available yet.

PerCIMan ist ein Programm um Kontakt- und andere Information zu Personen zu sammeln und zu verwalten. Für jede Person können Adressen (privat, beruflich, etc.), Telefonnummern, Emails, Webadressen, Geburtstag und ein Bild gespeichert werden. Die Personen können Kategorien zugeordnet werden (Freund, Verwandter, Kollege,...). Es gibt eine Geburtstagserinnerungsfuktion (10 Tage vorher). Es kann eine Lag-Funktion geführt werden (z.B. "23.08.2014 Hochzeit" oder "15.04.2010 Master of Science in Physik" oder dergleichen. Darüber hinaus gibt es noch ein Textfeld für Information beliebigen Inhalts.
Es können einem Datensatz beliebig viele Personen zugefügt werden und es können beliebig viele
Datensätze angelegt werden. Für alle Personen im Datensatz gibt es die Möglichkeit ein Netzwerk zu konstruieren - wer kennt wen und in welchem Verhältnis (z.B. Freund, Bekannter, Geschäftskontakt, unbekannt).
Anmerkung: In Versionen unter 1.0 sind noch nicht alle Features verfügbar.


This software is - currently - free for personal use. You may use it on your own risk. You are free to copy and distribute the archive. When distributing and/or spreading the program you must not:

  • charge money
  • modify the archive
  • Requirements

    This software is written using the language "Hollywood" and uses the RapaGUI plugin. Installation of the RapaGUI plug in is mandatory to run this program. If you haven't installed this plug in already download it from (for Amiga family) or (Windows) and install it to your system. Other requirements are low: A screen resolution of at least 800x600 and a 32 bit processor plus a few MB available RAM.

    The operating systems supported are:

  • MorphOS (any version will do, ppc binary) >> Download
  • Windows (minimum: Win 2000, x86 binary) >> Download
  • OS X (minimum 10.4 aka Tiger, ppc or x86 binary) >> Download (ppc binary)
  • AmigaOS (minimum V3.0, 68k or ppc binary) >> Download
  • AROS (x86 binary)
  • Binaries for AmigaOS (ppc/68k), AROS, Linux and OS X (x86 or ppc) are not provided on this site and are available upon request only.


    Once you've downloaded the archive for your operating system, unpack the archive. You may copy the program to any location you like. On Amigaish systems you need to have installed the RapaGUI Plugin. On Windows you need to have the file rapagui.hwp (from the RapaGUI plugin archive) within the same directory as the perciman.exe.

    Nach dem Runterladen des Archivs, dieses entpacken und an einen beliebigen Ort kopieren. Es ist kein gesonderter Installationsprozess notwendig. Bei allen Amigaiden Systemen muss das RapaGUI-Plugin installiert sein. Unter Windows muss muss darauf geachtet werden, dass die Datei rapagui.hwp (aus dem RapaGUI-Plugin-Archiv) im gleichen Verzeichnis liegt, wie die Datei "perciman.exe".


    Just doubleclick the icon named "PerCIMan" to launch the program.

    On first launch the program prompts you to provide a file name for a dataset. Please do so. Next a new dataset will be created that initially contains two dummy entries (Peter and Frank). You can simply overwrite these dummy entries within the editor file.

    Note: This is a very early release! You may play around bit, but it's not really ready (as you will note)!

    A few screen shots to get a little idea about the program:

    The browser window.

    The editor window.


    Why the two dummy entries?
    I somehow need them, will probably be removed later on

    Come on, I don't understand a word of the program's interface...?
    The program is currently not translated to English, but available in German only. This will change with the next release Note: V0.x is still in early development state and does contain functional bugs.


    Grab your copy from here:

    MorphOS binary (ppc) - V0.3 - Download
    Amiga binary (68k) - V0.3 - Download
    Windows binary - V0.3 - Download


    V0.3 released on 07-01-2019
    - initial release for MorphOS, AmigaOS 68k and Windows
    - just for a little testing!



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    31-12-2018 Documentation started

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